Rise and Shine, Park Cities (2-3-11)

1. I think we’re all well aware of Troy Aikman’s Sunday plans. If you want to see the famous Highland Park resident tomorrow — before all the Super Bowl hubbub peaks in Arlington — drop by Samuel Lynne Galleries, where Aikman will host a reception and live auction benefiting the Giving Back Fund and the Troy Aikman Foundation. Dubbed “Big Game Big Give,” the two-day event is supposedly drawing a long list of celebrities, and includes a Saturday-night party hosted by Hillary Swank.

2. Fancy a late-night stroll? Thanks to a $75,000 grant from the Meadows Foundation, 10 16-foot light poles are under construction in Lee Park, along the path from Hall Street to Lemmon Avenue. The project, which includes the addition of about 20 tree lights, is slated for completion in March.

3. So earlier this week, I got a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Hyer Elementary’s televised morning announcements.

Why would this recurring 8 a.m. event draw the attention of a reporter, you ask? Aside from the fact that you’ll find miniature aspiring news anchors there (cuteness factor: 10), Hyer principal Jeremy Gilbert is hilarious. Via his once weekly “Ask Mr. Gilbert” segment, the administrator answers all manner of student questions on the air — and virtually all of them are a surpise to Gilbert, even with cameras rolling. Plenty relate to haircare, what with his being bald.

Check out the full story in next week’s issue of Park Cities People.

4. I was hunkered down beneath a blanket Tuesdsay when this little cold-weather advert came from Snider Plaza boutique Jenny on the Block. Seems kids can be as amphibious as they are warm.

5. Nest departed Snider Plaza last year — but it seems to be doing well just the same. Well and good. Through Feb. 28, whoever brings in the greatest number of non-perishable goods for the McKinney Avenue store’s Furnish and Feed drive gets a $500 gift certificate. What’s more, each item you bring equates to a 1-percent discount for many purchases (within reason; the curve stops at 20 percent).

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