Phone Solicitors Claiming to Represent HPISD

HPISD sent the following email today.

Beware of phone solicitors claiming to represent HPISD

It has come to our attention that area businesses are being contacted by telephone solicitors identifying themselves as working for a company called Superior Marketing Group. The solicitors claim to be working on behalf of Highland Park ISD, selling advertising for posters and banners to be placed at Highlander Stadium and Scotland Yard. 

The solicitors are asking merchants for credit card information, and, when that is refused, they are mailing invoices.  

HPISD, the HP Education Foundation and the HP Sports Club are in no way affiliated with Superior Marketing Group or any other outside company selling advertising, products, or services.

Over the years, community members have reported other scams involving the sale of curb painting or fake passes to HPISD sporting events.

Posters and banners for athletic teams and facilities are sold through the HP Sports Club. Ad sales for the HPHS newspaper and student directory are sold by students. Ad sales for HPMS, MIS, and elementary campus directories are handled by campus PTA members.

Questions about a solicitation by a student or parent should be directed to the campus.

We have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the address listed on the invoice. We have also notified local law enforcement agencies about the fraudulent activity, and we wanted you to be aware as well.

One thought on “Phone Solicitors Claiming to Represent HPISD

  • January 13, 2011 at 1:59 pm

    This happened to our practice that is located in HP. Our business name would be added to the back of basketball tshirts for $400. It was a scam. We have also been called by another company for ads on football tshirts too.


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