Emmeline Smolders — on CD, at Least

HPHS graduate Emmeline Miles performs at Times Ten Cellars on Nov. 26. (Staff photo by Christina Barany)

When I listened to Emmeline’s debut CD, Early Morning Hours, I was trying to think of a way to describe her music. “Smoldering” was the best word I could come up with.

But when I met Emmeline — yes, she goes by one name — in person, I told her she doesn’t strike me as someone who smolders. Then I immediately tried to remove my foot from my mouth.

“Thanks … I think,” she said as she stirred her oatmeal. (Given the CD’s title, I thought a breakfast meeting would be appropriate.) As it turns out, mine was not the most cringe-inducing compliment she’s heard.

After she performed for a University of Alabama music class taught by fellow Highland Park High School graduate Brittany Hendricks, a student approached Emmeline and said, “I love that you’re awkward. It’s such a cool thing to have that awkward stage presence, because people can relate to it.”

Emmeline’s response: “I’m so glad you think it’s a stage presence, that it’s a conscious decision.”

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