‘Cowboys Stadium’ Book Release is Today

Friday’s issue of Park Cities Two contained details about this book and some well known (understatement) Highland Park women behind it: Gene Jones and Charlotte Jones Anderson.

With text by art critic David Pagel and late architecture critic David Dillon, Cowboys Stadium: Art, Architecture, Entertainment in the 21st Century was released today by publisher Rizzoli.  It’s coffee-table material as well as a detailed read, and contains plenty of scoop on the artists who helped turn a sports facility into a visual showcase.

I’m told you can find it in various bookstores and every Cowboys pro shop. There’s also this option, or the publisher’s link above.

P.S. It takes a severe nerd to add something like this, but I’ve seen the book and think the pages themselves are of good, heavy print quality, with bright photos and smooth text. I.e., one could probably send this as a gift without feeling nervous.

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