Kerr Shows His Claw, Part 1

This summer, a 13-year-old named Jack Kerr offered to write about the Rangers for Preston Hollow People. Now that the team is in the World Series, we plan to bring you this passionate fan’s take on each game. Here’s what Jack, a student at Saint Monica Catholic School, had to say after last night’s debacle:

Though Rangers Slide, Fans Still in Love


The story of Wednesday wasn’t just how the Rangers ended the night; it was the atmosphere before the game. Everywhere you went this week, you either saw a “Claw” shirt or an American League Champions shirt. The feelings toward the Rangers have changed dramatically since I interviewed people at the corner of Preston and Royal. The Rangers took the hearts of many people after stunning the Rays, and then even better, sending the Yankees right back where they came from, and storming to their first ever World Series appearance.

The Rangers came into San Francisco hot, after beating the Yankees and Rays with stellar base running and clutch hits. The road-winning Rangers fell short to Tim Lincecum, arguably the best pitcher in the National League. The Rangers got on the board early, taking a 2-0 lead after the first two innings of play. The Giants retaliated with two runs of their own in the third, tying the game at 2-2. The game-changer took place in the fifth inning, when the Giants posted six runs on Rangers, making the score 8-2. Even as the Rangers tallied two runs in the sixth inning and three in the ninth, the Giants hit cruise control and rallied to an 11-7 victory.

I’m sure many fans are wondering just what went wrong today, just as I am. Some could say the hitting doomed the Rangers, others say Cliff Lee didn’t pitch to his potential, and some just say a bad game all in all. I say that even the best have a bad game every now and then. The Rangers fell short today, but tomorrow is a redemption day for them. Will they come to win? Will the Rangers get the job done? These questions remained unanswered for the moment, but as a fan from North Texas, I have never seen the support for a team to win in our city more than what our great fans are showing to the Rangers. From the shirts to the caps, sweatshirts to flags, the Rangers fans showed their spirit this whole week celebrating a win in the ALCS and just coming up short to the Giants tonight. Despite the loss, I’m sure the Ranger fans will be back out tomorrow, cheering their team on to victory in Game 2.

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