Kickin’ it Coffeehouse Style

I’ll take a spiced chai tea with a sprinkle of community news, please.

As part of a new initiative at People Newspapers, today I’m trading the 21st Floor of a downtown skyscraper for the cozy comfort of a Preston Hollow coffeehouse.

The idea is being out in the community, doing interviews in plain sight, mingling with locals, and actually being physically present in the coverage area will be fertile ground for news gathering and increasing news literacy. Not exactly difficult logic to follow, but smart ideas don’t have to be complicated.

Right now, specifically, I’m at I <3 Boba at Preston and Forest. Because, in fact, I do heart it.

Unfortunately, I appear to be one of the few people who does. So I will likely head out to a new place after lunch. Preferably one that is lighter on the techno music and heavier on crowds than my current locale.

Where’s your PH favorite beverage shop/WiFi hotspot?

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