HPPC Asks P&Z to Postpone Parking-Lot Meeting

As of this afternoon (OK, as of 10 minutes ago) Highland Park Presbyterian Church is asking University Park’s planning and zoning commission to shelve HPPC’s parking-lot plans until October.  A P&Z meeting about the controversial project is slated for 6 p.m. tomorrow.

Per the commission’s directive last month that the church “explore other options” to address parking woes — namely, construction of a below-ground garage — HPPC has gone back to the drawing board, says spokesman Jon Zellers. But no dice yet.

“There’s a series of things that got us to this point,” Zellers said, “and we need need more time to look at those options and others that came up.” Cost and traffic studies, the possibility of appealing to the city for more on-street parking, and other factors have come into play in addition to the garage option, he explained. Stay tuned.

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