Rain Washes Away ESD’s Phone Lines

News comes along in the most unlikely of ways. Twice recently, I’ve been working on one story only to find an entirely different one in the process.

Today, I was following up on a call to the Episcopal School of Dallas when I hit a roadblock. None of the phone numbers listed the website were working. And believe me, I tried all of them, attracting a few raised eyebrows from my cubicle as the chiming tone of “This is a not a working number” seemingly played on repeat.

E-mail was working, however, and director of communications Julie Clardy revealed ESD’s AT&T phone lines went out earlier in the week due to flooding.

My other revelation came when doing a routine fact-check with the Texas Education Agency on Hillcrest High School, which I wrote about in a previous post.

It’s been a week of the unexpected. Bring on the weekend.

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