Rangers Fever Not Yet Gripping Preston Hollow

Jack Kerr interviews Mike and Mollye Macnaughton (Staff Photo: Chris McGathey)

A few weeks ago, 13-year-old Jack Kerr sent me an e-mail, asking if he could write a weekly article about the Texas Rangers. That’s not really what we do here, but Jack was so enthusiastic, I didn’t want to dismiss his request. So I sent him to corner of Preston and Royal on Saturday to ascertain whether “Rangers fever” has gripped the residents of Preston Hollow. Here’s his report:

As the auction of the Rangers nears and the Rangers’ consistency in the win column remains great, I wanted to know if local Preston Hollow residents are catching some “Rangers fever” after the Rangers gained another strong, winning month. As I asked people if they would answer some questions about the Rangers, I saw no Rangers apparel. Most people had no “Rangers fever” at all, but others were indeed excited about how their hometown Rangers are playing.

The people that I talked to plan to go out and see their Rangers in the near future, and say the Rangers are very fun to watch. Ross Segal says the boys are playing very well, and his favorite players are Josh Hamilton, who led the league in batting average and also in hits going into August, and Ian Kinsler, who is on the 15-day disabled list due to a groin injury. Mike and Mollye Macnaughton are very excited about the Rangers and have been out to see them play recently.

The auction for the Rangers is Wednesday, and I asked Preston Hollow natives if they planned on bidding on the Rangers, and unsurprisingly, no one I talked to is going to bid on the Rangers. Preston Hollow seemed to want current Mavs owner Mark Cuban as the baseball team’s next owner. Cuban had previously tried to buy the Chicago Cubs, but was unsuccessful. Even though Cuban is wanted as the owner, people still think current Rangers president Nolan Ryan and his squad will offer the highest bid over competitors Cuban and Jim Crane.

Even as the Rangers continue to pad their lead in the win column over rivals Oakland and Anaheim, their popularity, which is well deserved, has not caught on in Preston Hollow just yet. Maybe Preston Hollow just needs to see the Rangers make the playoffs first, and then they will believe how good or bad this team really is. Remember to keep track of your Rangers as they enter the last two months of the season.

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