Federal Suit Likely in Coram Deo Case, Lawyer Says

If you’ll recall, last month the City Council denied the application by Hillcrest Church to house Coram Deo Academy, the part-time Christian school currently located a half mile down the street. Church and school officials were none too happy with the decision, nor was Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser, who had strong words for the council during the hearing. (“You’re required to pass this SUP,” Sasser told the council. “There’s really no choice to be had.”)

At the time, Hillcrest, Coram Deo, and Liberty were discussing their options for a next step. Still are. But John Fowler, the attorney who represented Hillcrest Church at the Plan Commission hearing, said today that a decision is likely one or two weeks away.

“We’re still waiting on a decision from Coram Deo,” Fowler told me today. “I expect there will be a federal lawsuit.”

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