Ex-DPD Chief Bolton Harassed At Hands (Er…Foot) of Motorcyclist

Some of you might remember Terrell Bolton, the disgraced chief of the Dallas Police Department who was fired in 2003 and, more recently, canned from his post in DeKalb County, Georgia. (Jacquielynn Floyd gives a nice, concise recap of the past decade of his career in a recent column.) Heck, even I remember him from back when I was in high school and didn’t pay attention to anything related to local news that wasn’t a Mavericks score.

Anyhow, Bolton is still bent on keeping the city safe. The 51-year-old was headed south on the Dallas North Tollway at 9:30 last night in his 2006 Range Rover when a group of motorcyclists approached from behind. One pulled between Bolton’s SUV and a Ford pickup in the adjacent lane, then somehow kicked the Range Rover’s passenger-side mirror (which is, apparently, physically possible. Maybe while doing a handstand?) before speeding away. To add insult to injury, the driver of the pickup, whom Bolton believed to be the ring leader of the motorcycle group, laughed and flipped Bolton the bird.

I can tell you all this because Bolton “just wanted to report this to police so that’d they’d know about the incident,” according to a police report from last night, which can be found here. He also gave a full account to a state trooper on the Tollway just so they would be aware of the “rash” acts of certain motorcyclists.

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