Pershing Mystery Partially Solved; Annoyance With DISD Communication Policy–Not So Much

I may be shouting into an abyss right now since, from what I can tell, the entire city is relaxing poolside in belated celebration of our nation’s birthday. (My fellow People Newspapers employees and I had to come to work after dutifully marching in the annual Park Cities Fourth Fifth of July Parade this morning.) But regarding the circumstances that gave rise to my cry of frustration/aggravation/resignation with DISD policies that prohibit people with information from dispensing said information without express written consent (or something like that) of the communications department, which is on vacation until July 12, I now have at least some satisfaction. A loyal Preston Hollow Peoplevian (too awkward?) unusually skilled at navigating the websites of public institutions passed along a link late last week to documents that answer at least some of the questions I had about the renovation of Pershing Elementary. Those can be found here.

The school will be undergoing “school modernization” (new paint job), a “building envelope” upgrade (external door replacement, window and roof repairs/replacement), “MEP” (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing repairs and upgrades), “restroom refurbishment” (um… refurbishment of restrooms), and “sitework/grounds” (may include bus drop-off lanes, dumpsters, fences, etc). And a technology upgrade. So there.

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