Which Eco Cleaners is the Greener Cleaner?

Update: Still no word on which cleaner is greener, but I spoke with Charlie Patel, owner of the Eco Cleaners at Hillcrest Crossing, who assured me that his Eco Cleaners was first. And appears that, legally at least, he’s right. He registered the name with the state in June 2009, which means it’s his to use. He said he has a cease and desist letter out to the owner of the other Eco Cleaners but doesn’t plan to take the case to court.

I had always assumed that the Eco Cleaners on Lovers Lane “Miracle Mile” in University Park and the Eco Cleaners I mentioned yesterday as having vacated the almost-empty Shops at Bluffview development for presumably greener (pun intended) pastures at Hillcrest Crossing, were one and the same company.

Silly me. Turns out, they are seperate entities entirely. Both have two Dallas locations. I propose a face-off in which the identically named dry cleaners compete in some to see who is the greener cleaner. Winner gets to keep the name.

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