What Awesomeness is This in the Grace Bible Church Parking Lot?

I was driving down Northaven yesterday and couldn’t help but notice that there were a couple of ginormous, brightly colored contraptions occupying the parking lot, which was otherwise deserted. I couldn’t resist a couple of gos on the slides (kidding!) before I snapped the above picture.

A bit of internet sluething (and the yard signs blanketing the property) informed me that the setup is courtesy of Pine Cove Base Camp, a traveling offshoot of Pine Cove, a Christian summer camp with locations near Tyler and Houston.

The parking lot yesterday was devoid of kids or people of any kind, likely driven inside by yesterday’s on-and-off rain storms. It’s probably too late to sign up for the camp, since it will leave Grace Bible on Friday, but if you want to take a trip down the slides while no one’s looking, my lips are sealed.

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