That ‘Loud Crashing Noise’ at NorthPark? Just a Car Crashing Through a Window

Landing in my inbox just moments ago, a missive from Dallas Police with may be the awesomest  subject line I’ve seen in a while: “Loud Crashing noise leads Dallas Police to North Park Mall”. Classic.

So what was the commotion that so mobilized Dallas Police that they sent out a press release? Were the hammering men in that one foyer somehow sabotaged? Did a Justin Bieber sighting end in some sort of grisly chaos?

No and no. Turns out it was someone who drove a white or light-colored Ford truck through an exterior door on the south side of the mall, then smack into a Dillard’s security door at 2:43 this morning. Detectives believe they were going after two ATMs. Mall employees apparently scared them off.

No one was hurt except for NorthPark’s $10,000 glass security door.

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