Want a Hummer Limo? Now’s Your Chance

You’ve no doubt seen it if you’ve driven down Royal Lane: The white Hummer limo parked at the house just east of the Tollway. I’ve driven by it a million times, and I’ve always wondered, though never quite strongly enough to knock on the door. Guy probably owned a limo company or something, I figured. But when I saw the ‘For Sale’ sign on it today, I figured I better ask now before it was gone.

Turns out, I was wrong. Viktor Derkach is the owner of LaBare Dallas (nsfw), “the first full time male dance club, featuring a Las Vegas style burlesque show catering to woman.” You know. Bachelorette parties. Girls’ nights out. That sort of thing. He bought the Hummer so he could offer limo service at the club, but it’s been more headache than business asset, hence the “For Sale” sign.

So if you’re looking to add limo service to your strip club, or if you want to stick a finger in the eye of environmentalists, or if you just don’t want to be messed with on the road, give Viktor a call, [redacted; limo has been sold].

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