June 28 UP P&Z Hearing is a ‘Formality’

I got kind of excited about the agenda for the University Park Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on June 28. The “special called meeting” was to be a public hearing on the replatting of the Courtyards at Normandy, the development that Dan blogged about previously that would require the razing of an entire block.

However, after talking to Robbie Corder, UP’s director of community development, just about anything that seemed even remotely sexy about the meeting turned dry.

Corder said that replatting is just the next step in the development process as JTL Normandy inches its way closer to obtaining a building permit. “It’s a lot like the Bush Library,” he said, “where they took a lot of smaller pieces of land to make a much bigger one.”

Corder said that replatting after the City Council has passed the detailed site plan is often a “formality.”

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