You (Yes, You) Can Bring Handicapped Parking Scofflaws to Justice

Terri Hornberger slips a notice of violation to a Lexus SUV parked in a handicapped spot at NorthPark Center. A $309 citation will be mailed to the registered owner.

I’m not the type of person who takes easily to outrage. I’m more the type to shrug and move on. But able-bodied folks illegally parking in handicapped parking spaces? That’s something I can angry about. But short of leaving a curt note, wagging one’s finger in disapproval, and exercising a little vigilante justice involving keys and the side of one’s car, I assumed there wasn’t much one could do about the all-too-common handicapped parking scofflaw.

But then I met Terri Hornberger. The Melshire Estates accountant told me about CHIPS (Citizens Helping in Parking Solutions), a program sanctioned by state law and administered by the Dallas Police Department in which civilian volunteers can issue actual, legally binding tickets to cars parked illegally in handicapped spots. The same $309 tickets issued by police. It’s true. I rode along with Hornberger and Senior Cpl. John Burke (he administers the program for the North Central Division, which includes Preston Hollow) during Hornberger’s retraining session last Friday. It was a slow day. Hornberger only ticketed one car, a charcoal gray Lexus SUV at NorthPark, and Burke ticketed a delivery driver illegally parked at an office building, but it was… enlightening.

So put those keys back in your pocket and check out today’s edition of Preston Hollow People for the details about the program. I know a certain Park Cities People blogger/columnist who will be interested

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