A Bird’s-Eye View of the Northaven Trail (Or, More Accurately, an Aerial Study of the Oncor Easement Through Which it Will Pass)

Click, then click again to get a zoom-able picture.

Speaking of Il Cane Rosso and the Friends of the Northaven Trail fundraiser last Thursday, there was a map posted on the restaurant wall from an aerial survey of the Oncor easement through which the trail will run, as well as a tentative route for the pathway.

Kris Brown, a principal at La Terra Studio, the firm designing the trail, sends along the very ilongated image, sans conceptual trail drawing since they aren’t quite sure yet which 12-foot swath of the easement the trail will cover. In fact, as I write this, they are seeking comments on where exactly the rail should go. The map posted at the fundraiser was printed on butcher paper with plenty of white space, and folks were strongly encouraged to put in there two cents. Things like “The trail should most definitely go right beside my fence right here,” or “Please, please avoid this here spot.”

If you have any thoughts, pass them along to project manager Rich Govlik, rgovlik@parkandrec.us. (FYI, he is not a city employee, but his firm, Park & Rec, was contracted by the city to handle exactly half of the 2006 bond program, which the city didn’t have the manpower to administer, he told me).

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