Board of Adjustment Pulling Out the Big Guns Wednesday

A brief glimpse at the Board of Adjustment’s agenda for its June 16 meeting reveals a slate of heavy-hitters. First on the docket is 5915 Deloache, which belongs to billionaire Harold Simmons who, depending on whom you ask is a demon or a saint. Move one item down, and you’ll find 5306 Falls Road, which belongs to businessman Kelcy Warren. And the next item, 5323 Park Lane? Warren’s swankier digs, which happens to share a fenceline with the Falls property. Of course, don’t expect on being blinded by the aforementioned luminaries at Wednesday’s hearing. Chances are, they will send lawyers to take care of their bidness.

And 5633 Bent Tree, which rounds out the list? Belongs to a dude named Brad Reid. Haven’t heard of him. Yet. Prove me wrong Brad-o.

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