Luxury Home Decor Store Opens Next Month at Lovers and Inwood

Things at Lovers and Inwood are looking up. When I swung by last week, there were a few empty tenantless spaces at Inwood Village, and Daria Rugs & Antiques looked to be closing, but otherwise there was a lot of activity. There was the relocation of Cyrus Rug Gallery, which had been puzzling shoppers at Preston and Royal for years, the Bar Method at Inwood Village, the apparent revitalization of Cafe Italia(no), and probably some others I’m missing. Add to the tally Champagne’s Luxe, a high-end home decor store being built out next to Tart Bakery. A soft launch is scheduled for about July 15.

Owner Susan Muehler said she’s been looking for a Dallas location for the past five years. After several false starts (once in a 25,000-square-foot development by the Mansion at Turtle Creek, another time at Oak Lawn and Wycliff Avenues where Equinox Fitness set up shop), she finally settled on the current location on Lovers.

Muehler hasn’t decided whether the new store will be an import or a transplant. Her Scottsdale, Ariz. store, Champagne’s Home Decor, is “hanging on” for the moment, but she’s not sure about its future.

But about the Dallas store, she is gung-ho. She promises the store will be “pretty electric,” not your typical home decor store. There will be ladies’ luncheons, high tea on Saturdays, a DJ and drinks on Thursday nights, and a black tie grand-opening fundraising event in October.

For the past five years, Muehler and her husband have been flying in from Scottsdale every time something has come up with the opening of Champagne’s Luxe. So will they move to Dallas, at least part-time, when the store finally opens? Maybe, Muehler says, but nothing’s for sure.

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