Actually, I Prefer My Funk Clean

I saw the above poster platered on the side of an AT&T box on Preston Road a few blocks north of Northwest Highway. Curious, if only because there’s not a lot of guerilla postering in PH. A few days later, I saw one on Forest Lane at Nuestra or so. Then, today, I saw two during my drive down Walnut Hill, one near Preston Hollow Elementary, the other at Hillcrest. (For those of you unable to read the poster because of the high level of funkiness, it says “Funk Dirty.”)

What is a Funk Dirty, you ask? Apparantly, a hip hop/jazz/funk/rock jam popular with the SMU crowd. From the website:

“The music doesn’t have to stop. Funk Dirty hits the stage and the party begins. The ears of listeners are filled with the likes of jazz, hip-hop, funk, and rock.  Sounds to make you jump out of your flesh, grasp your mind, and release heavy thoughts.  A wild freak styling feel can be felt throughout the crowds at every show.  Funk Dirty fans are never reluctant to come back for more. Like no other, Funk Dirty is young, fresh, and the sound of new funk for the future. “

Well, at least they’ve gotten the guerilla marketing thing down.

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