Time-Wasting Traffic Tool From Most Awesomely Acronymed Intergovernmental Coalition in North Texas

I’ve been poking around, trying to figure out where I can get intersection-by-intersection traffic accident data and happened to stumble upon this neat toy, provided by the North Central Texas Council of Governments–a map that shows traffic volume data for major streets. The info isn’t particularly recent–the last study seems to have been in 2004–or, despite its claim, historic–there is only one other data set, from 1999–but whatever. I could spend plenty of time noticing that, hey, my 1997 Mazda Protege is one of the 102,235 vehicles going south on Central Expressway. Or that, the further north you go down Preston Road from Northwest Highway, the higher the traffic volume.  Or, that there is twice as much traffic on Preston and Royal Crest Drive (29,522) than at either Northaven Road (14,934) or Royal Lane (14,761). But I digress. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing. Which I most defnitely am.

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