Mattito’s to Set Up Shop at Central & Forest

For the past two years, there has been a 26.5-mile stretch of Mattito’s-less wasteland stretching along Central Expressway from the Tex-Mex eatery’s original Uptown location and it’s Frisco outpost, which opened in 2008.

No longer. In September, Mattito’s Cafe Mexicano will open a North Dallas location, its third, on the southwest corner of Central and Forest.

“People like Mexican food over there. That’s what I’ve heard,” said Jim Lannom, who runs the burgeoning Tex-Mex empire with Jeff Frankel.

Add in a bit of nostalgia–its near the location of Frankel’s first fro-yo venture (I Heart Yogurt, I think) and near where Frankel grew up, and it just seemed like an ideal location, Lannom said.

For those who have been to Mattito’s (I never have. Live smack dab in the middle of the Mattito’s-less chasm), expect a similar experience. The building, which will be much newer (the old Black Eyed Pea space) won’t have the history of the Uptown location, which Lannom said was built in the 1890s. They’re working with the city to get approval for a “giant” patio, Lannom said. The vibe should be similar to the Frisco store.

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