Would You Trust Your Child’s Brain to This Man?

So I was walking into the Preston Royal Library yesterday afternoon to return a couple of CDs I’d checked out, and I couldn’t help but notice this flier for the University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Brain Health. Addressed to fourth through eighth grade students, the headline blares “Brain Science wants YOU.” Below, in smaller type: “to be part of an important research study”. Bits of text scattered across the page tell kids they will learn, have fun, and get paid (I’m game). And maybe, just maybe, they’ll get a DVD.

All of this is punctuated by the above image. Good choice. It immediately makes me think “Please, sir. Take my child! I am put at ease by your delightfully bulging eyes, jaundiced face, and comforting leer. I know his brain will be safe in your pale, corpse-like hands.

If you can get past the unfortunate flier, the Center for Brain Health (which is, in all seriousness, a top-notch institution) is performing the FDA-approved research in one or two-hour tests available by appointment between June 7 and July 30.

As a UTD grad, I can’t say I’m exactly surprised by the above picture. It is, after all, the same school that brought the world this. IJS.

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