PHES Fifth Graders Waltz Way to Bronze

When I was in fifth grade, I probably would have fled the country if someone so much as suggested I take up ballroom dancing. Luckily, the kids at Preston Hollow Elementary are braver than I was–and better dancers. They’ve been foxtrotting, swinging, tangoing, and merengue-ing all year long, and their hard work has paid off. A team of fifth graders just took bronze at the Dancing Classrooms of North Texas Dallas County semi-final tournament.

The team consists of Kaitlin Bobo, Juan Calixto, Jasmine Davila, Christopher Estrella, Alexza Garza, Phillip Glispin, Zane Kohrs, Jose Martinez Oliva, Khaliah Owens, Litzy Ramos Rodriguez, Tristan Segura, and Sarahi Trejo.

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