Ep. 62: “I Figured, Here, Church And State Are The Same Thing”

Both teachers and students get antsy as they count down the remaining school days before summer — which, by the way, is customized for church-goers this year by having a 5th of July Parade on Monday. On the other hand, Charles and Merritt celebrate a common trait: being uncommitted Jewish-from-the-father’s-side.

Because Park Cities residents seem to build their lives around their high school years (Charles’ words, not mine), Charles and Merritt dream up a brilliant plan that would prepare — or better yet — trap students into becoming high school star athletes.

Merritt whips out her rule book again this week and sets some standards on e-vites. Should you be required to RSVP if you don’t plan on attending the event?

Charles buys an iPad. While he’s reading the newspaper, Merritt’s friend uses her own iPad to look for spiders in the dark… at a zoo sleepover. Listen to it all on this week’s Bursting the Bubble.

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