Fox Sports Dispatches Nancy ‘Lady Magic’ Lieberman to Greenhill Wednesday

Courtesy of Texas Legends

Hall-of-famer Nancy Lieberman, aka “Lady Magic”, is heading to Greenhill Wednesday morning to discuss women’s place in the sports world. The occassion? Fourth grader Gabrielle sent a letter to Fox Sports inquiring about the decided lack of women’s sports on television.

An awkward question (I can’t remember the last time I saw a women’s sporting event on Fox though I’m sure they show them occasionally), so the network dispatched Lieberman, a two-time national player of the year in at Old Dominion inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996. She was signed in 1980 by the Women’s Pro Basketball League’s Dallas Diamonds (because female athletes are just supposed to sparkle and look pretty, I assume), played in the WNBA, and was named coach of the NBA Development League’s Frisco-based Texas Legends, making her the first woman to coach a NBA or NBA-DL team.

And for your reading pleasure, check out her autobiography:

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