A Look Inside Gage’s Granite

Gage’s Granite owner Christopher Raines and son Aiden.

I stopped by the Preston/Forest intersection this morning to meet the man responsible for the gigantic slabs of granite that landed there Thursday in the form of Gage’s Granite’s brand new storefront showroom. It’s quite a change from a week ago when I’m pretty sure it was empty. Against one wall, there are a couple dozen samples of granites of different shade and pattern. The facing wall has a couple of faux kitchens and a bathroom installation that show what the granite looks like installed In the front window, his pride and joy (other than the little guy you see above, of course), a vertical slab of blue marbled granite harvested from beneath the ocean.

Raines is a local boy. Grew up in Preston Hollow, graduated from Jesuit. He started out laying tile before eventually getting into granite. He opened Gage’s (it has a warehouse in Northwest Dallas) in 2000. Last year, the business was down about 20 percent in sales, which is pretty good considering business with custom home builders, which used to be brisk, all but evaporated. Instead of building new places, more people have been sprucing up their existing homes with, among other amenities, granite countertops.

So swing by when you get a chance. A couple more pictures below.

The blue granite harvested from under the ocean. Prettier in real life,I promise.

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