Is Your Hair Soaking Up An Oil Spill? It Could Be

Tired of your hair just, you know, sitting on top of your head? It could be doing something a bit more productive, say, helping mitigate environmental catastrophe on the Gulf Coast (not that parts of the Gulf Coast aren’t that already). Preston Center’s Salon Madrid–and from what I here several other area salons–is collecting hair, wool sweaters, nylons, feathers, anything that might soak up oil. The hair, etc. is mailed to Matter of Trust, which makes “booms” by stuffing hair into pantyhose.

Salon Madrid owner Jason Thompson said the salon has been shipping hair to Matter of Trust since opening in December, but he’s stepping up efforts in the wake of the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But the response so far has been underwhelming.

“It hasn’t been huge,” Thompson said. “I wish it was more. We send all our hair of course, but we haven’t had a huge response yet. … I don’t think anybody knows about it.”

If you need a haircut, have any hair clippings laying around, or have spare wool sweaters, feathers, or nylon stockings, drop by Salon Madrid, 6003 Berkshire Lane.

One thought on “Is Your Hair Soaking Up An Oil Spill? It Could Be

  • May 12, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Awesome. My hair’s 13 feet long and I’ve been wanting to cut it all off for the summer anyways. Thanks!


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