Ozarow, Booker T. Mock Trial Place 34th at Natinoals But Beat Marianas Islands

Wolf Ozarow, the scampish young Bluffview resident and source, in last Friday’s paper, of one of my favorite quotes in a long time (“Life as Wolf is pretty awesome. I get a lot of questions from a lot of very pretty girls.” — Classic) competed with the Booker T. Washington arts magnet’s team at the National High School Mock Trial Championship in Philadelphia this past weekend after winning the state crown in March. Whod’ve thunk a bunch of artsy kids would make such good lawyers?

Anyway, Booker T. placed 34th out of 44 schools at the competition, putting them one slot ahead of the team from Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. Minnesota’s Breck High School was the winner. A disappointing finish, but there were a couple of bright spots. Sophomore Chris Clark won something called the Larry Frankel award, I assume for being an awesome lawyer. And the team is young, with the majority of the them coming back next year. So fair warning Breck. Booker T. wants revenge.

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