Not One But Two My Fit Foods Coming to PH

Houston-based takeout chain My Fit Foods isn’t just stepping into the Dallas market. It’s diving in head-first. In addition to its Preston Center location, opening date of May 17, it’s opening one at Lemmon and Oak Lawn on Tuesday and at an unannounced Preston and Royal spot once a lease is signed (I’m guessing the old Jamba Juice space based on its layout and some not-very-detailed reports from a couple weeks ago.)

Ex-Marine (if that’s possible…Once a Marine, always a Marine, right?) and former 24 Hour Fitness district manager Mark Corwin is the owner of all three coming Dallas locations. He filled in some of the details:

-Each store has a nutritional consultant who sits down with customers gratis to design the right meal plan. Every two days, they come to pick up prepackaged, freshly made meals. Curbside service and delivery are available.

-The store’s signature is the “21 Day Challenge.” “It’s a scientific fact that it takes 21 days to build a habit. … If you eat our food for 21 days, the average man loses 10 to 14 pounds, and the average female loses eight to 12 pounds,” Corwin said. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds impressive.

-Stores at Preston Center and Preston Royal won’t compete with each other, Corwin said. “A lot of people that live in the Highland Park area don’t travel too far north of Northwest Highway because the traffic there’s such a pain. It’s not really a different demographic because they’re both fantastic areas, but it’s a different traffic flow I guess you could say,” Corwin said

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