Home Appraisals of Famous People

I initially conceived of a story comparing home reappraisals in Preston Hollow with those of the rest of the city. That task is harder than I had hoped since DCAD doesn’t sort its appraisal data by ZIP code or neighborhood and no one seems to know a non-nighmarish way to do so, so that’s on hold for the moment. In the meantime, I settled for checking how this year’s reappraisal have affected some PH luminaries who received reappraisals.

-The tax gods smiled kindly on Mayor Tom Leppert, dropping his appraisal value by 14.4 percent.

-Fellow Alva Court resident T. Boone Pickens saw a 15.3 percent drop.

-H. Ross Perot’s $23.5 million Strait Lane abode was unchanged.

-Mavs owner Mark Cuban saw a modest 2.5 percent rise in his $18 million home.

Cuban’s was the only in my admittedly unscientific sample whose home value increased.

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