Preston Royal? How Bout Nuestra Forest.

Not long ago, I was trying to find out why, if Preston Royal Branch Library is slated to be replaced, the city wants to put a new roof on the existing building. Because, I was told, God only knows when the new library will be built. It could be months, years even, before a new site is even picked.

More like three weeks. While perusing next Wednesday’s City Council agenda, item #36 informed me that a site has been selected, and that site is the Korean Young Nak Presbyterian Church (which, if the Internet is to be believed, is a denomination with a pretty interesting history) in the 5900 block of Forest Lane at Nuestra Drive. Assuming the Council agrees, the city will shell out $2.7 million for the land which, considering DCAD’s $4.8 million appraisal, is a pretty nice deal for the city.

The question now is, what shall the library be named? Should it keep the “Preston Royal” moniker, following the example of Lovers Lane United Methodist, which is on Northwest Highway, but was founded on the eponymous street (what is now Providence Christian School). Or take the name of its new home, Nuestra Forest (though I don’t know if that rolls off the tongue quite as smoothly)? A geographically specific Melshire Library or a more geographically vague Preston Hollow Library? A famous Preston Hollowite? Time will tell.

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