Margolin Weighs in on Love Field Concession Contracts

At last Wednesday’s meeting, the City Council deferred a vote to award no-bid contracts to concessionaires owned in part with several well connected donors and politicians. On her website, District 13 Councilwoman Ann Margolin weighs in on the issue.

Margolin, who was appointed to an ad hoc committee that will make a recomendation on the best way forward by June. The issue is complicated by construction at Love Field that will almost double the size of the concession area and the need for experienced vendors. She writes:

“It is in the interest of Love Field that concessionaires be experienced, that the stores have good variety and appropriate price points. The highest bid may not be the best bid. However, it is important that all qualified bidders have a chance to bid on all 51,000 square feet.”

Read her explanation for yourself.

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