Officer Says Thieves Targeting Truck Tailgates

In the past month, there have been a rash of tailgate thefts along the western edge of Preston Hollow. Officer Greg Fanucci, who runs Dallas Police’s Extended Neighborhood Patrol program for Midway Hollow, said he’s seen more in the past couple of months than in his entire career.

“As of late, it’s really caught fire,” Fanucci said. “It’s crazy.”

Thieves are targeting newer model trucks, but they’re taking just about any make and model. And with no identification number or distinctive markings, they’re untraceable once off a truck. Long story short, they’re easy to steal, hard to trace, and can be sold for $1,500, Fanucci heard.

I’ve seen four in the course of doing police reports, clustered in the Midway-Walnut Hill area, but I’m working on getting better numbers. In the meantime, Fanucci says there’s a simple solution.

“Buy a lock.”

After all, an ounce of prevention is better than a $1,500 cure.

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