Why Does Mary Kay Need its Own Private Security Company?

This black Chevrolet SUV drove by me Friday when I was waiting to turn onto Douglas Avenue from Preston Center. It took me a few seconds to get my phone out of my pocket, so it wasn’t until the car was far away and behind a tree that I was able to snap the above photo, but the writing on the vehicle said (I swear): “Mary Kay Protective Services.”

I checked it out, and the company shares an address and leadership with the eponymous makeup company, but it is a registered as its own entity with requisite security-firm permits from the state and everything. The question, naturally, is why.

The possibilities, at least until Mary Kay’s public relations department (whom I’ve called several times) sets me straight, are these:

1)Mary Kay is trying to toughen up its image with an edgier name and by replacing the pink Caddys with black Tahoes. I suggest umlauts.

2)The firm provides body guards for the ladies who sell makeup.

3) By analogy to Child Protective Services, they take custody of Mary Kay products from makeup owners deemed to be unfit.

Oh, and Mary Kay also runs a travel company.

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