Vague Details About Future of Preston Royal Village

Not the whole shopping center, which covers the north side of the Preston Royal intersection, both corners, but specifically the former sites of Popolo’s, 7-Eleven, and Jamba Juice, all of which have vamoosed in the previous months. Kim Mangone, the property manager, isn’t giving any firm details yet, but she has a vague outline of what things might look like if everything pans out.

-The Popolo’s space will likely be divided in two, with the south end of the building remaining restaurant space and the north becoming a space for corporate retail.

-The narrow Jamba Juice space will be some sort of takeout food option.

-The 7-Eleven is being looked at by a national casual dining restaurant.

When the construction dust settles (now, it hasn’t even started flying), it could look totally different. Mangone said her phone is ringing off the hook with people interested in PR Village.

“I don’t know how people can say commercial real estate” is suffering, Mangone said. “I get at least five phone calls a day [on that site].”

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