Hey Don, Are You Out There?

I was on the scene last Friday as a group of first- and eight-graders from Good Shepherd Episcopal School presented a roughly $2,200 donation to the Dallas Zoo. It was a noble effort, and you can read all about it in the paper. But here, I want to discuss something else.

There was a handful of eighth-grade boys (none of whom are pictured here) who were giggly over their repeated utterances of “Hey Don.” They kept saying it in a particular way, that I’m not exactly sure how to express in print. They would draw out the “Hey” and emphasize the “Don.” Sort of like, “heeeyyy DON.”

They seemed to be looking in a certain direction, across the crowd, every time they said it. But I couldn’t tell if they were trying to torture a fellow student named “Don” or one of their chaperones. Anyone have a clue what that was about?

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