Preston Road: Thoroughfare or Time Machine?

I was driving north down Preston Road the other day and noticed the above sign near the Preston/Forest La Madeline. Maybe it’s been out there since Ann Margolin was elected May 9 of last year. I’ve missed more obvious things. It looks relatively fresh–no sun-bleaching, little noticable damage from rain or wind or the freakish foot of snow a few months ago–so I assume it’s a new addition. So why put it out now? Is this a heartfelt reaffirmation of Margolin’s election, 11 and a half months after the fact? An show of support for her reelection in May 2011? An ironic commentary on the “constant campaign” that seems endemic in the American political system?

The same day, a couple of miles south on Preston, I swear I saw a ‘Brint Ryan for City Council’ sign. Now, it seems to have disappeared. Or I hallucinated. Is he planning another shot at the Council? Is there a rogue sign-putter-outer on the loose in Preston Hollow? More to the point, who took the sign down? Have we returned to the tense days of the 2009 campaign?

So many questions, so few answers.

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