UP P&Z Approves Bush Center Plans

At last night’s mercifully brief University Park Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, several tweaks were added to the detailed site plan submitted by the Bush Foundation. 

Gigi Welch, a Dyer Street resident, is concerned with what greenery the foundation will use in the landscaped buffer that will separate the parking lots north of SMU Boulevard and the wall at the northern edge of the property line — the only real structure that will stand between the lots and residents’ back yards. Welch has asked that much of the trees planted between the lots and the wall be non-deciduous, or evergreen. Plans, which you can check out here (careful, it’s a huge file!), show that about 50 percent of the trees lining the landscape buffer will be evergreen.

One of the special conditions approved by P&Z is that the wall be built before any other construction begins.  The commission also wanted additional striping and signage to direct visitors.

The very detailed detailed site plan will go before the council on May 4, which will probably be the last meeting of the current University Park City Council.

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