UP Merchants Endorse Candidates

The University Park Merchants Association has announced that it is endorsing Richard Davis in his unopposed bid for the mayor’s seat and Jerry Grable, Robert Clark, Robert Begert, and Thomas Stewart in their campaigns for seats on the City Council. Full justifications for said endorsements can be found after the jump.

Mayoral candidate Richard Davis has served the University Park community for many years on our City Council and that experience uniquely qualifies him to serve as our mayor.

Candidate Robert Begert has years of legal experience at one of the countries top legal firms and is a long serving member of the Legislative Advisory Board for our city.

Thomas Stewart has many years experience as a developer and general contractor and has served our city well as Chairman of the Public Works Advisory Board.

Councilman Jerry Grable recently served as Chairman of the Snider Plaza Strategic Planning Committee and was extremely effective in bringing together a very diverse group of stakeholders which included merchants, residents, property owners and city staff. The final plan won an award from the American Planning Association and this could not have been accomplished without strong leadership from Mr. Grable.

Councilman Robert Clark also served on that committee and played a key role in updating the Plaza’s parking ratios to better reflect the current business mix. Mr. Clark was also a particularly strong voice for the residential neighborhoods that border Snider Plaza and he fought hard for development standards that would protect residents both right now and in the future.

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