Mirror, Mirror On The Car

It’s not quite a new phenomenon–colleague Joanna England wrote about several incidents in the Park Cities in November–but the trend has migrated west to the Devonshire and Briarwood areas. Thieves, it seems, have taken to taking the side mirrors from high-end SUVs–late model Chevrolet/GMCs Cadillac Escalades. Four vehicles were hit the night of Jan. 20 in a six-block radius in Devonshire. Then a lull. But over the weekend, things seemed to pick back up again with two Tahoes, one in Devonshire, one in Briarwood. To be clear, these aren’t your grandmother’s side mirrors (unless of course your grandmother drives a 2009 Chevy Tahoe). Many are fully electric, heated, with blinkers on the side. And they can cost up to $800 to replace, according to police reports. Seems like a lucrative business: With all these mirrors being stolen, there ought to be a growing market for replacements.

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