Noon-time Results Show HP in The Lead

Highland Park leads University Park by about 4 units, said Park Cities Rotary Club member Jack Kearney. Here, Town Administrator Bill Lindley does his duty to help Highland Park and the community. 

I’m headed over to University Park to see how fierce the competition will get, but Detective Marty Nevil seems energized by the town’s early lead.

Also, Sharyl Dunbar with Carter Blood Care informed me that foreign travel restrictions for potential donors have changed: As long as you didn’t get a tattoo or eat anything uncooked in Mexico over spring break, you can still give blood.

Also, and this is news to me, but Kearney said that every pint given helps an average of three people. 

UPDATE: A lunchtime lull at University Park had Carter Blood Care phlebotomists watching New Moon. I spoke to the lovely Ann Bray, who had already given blood, and she said that there were still several people headed into City Hall to bring up UP’s total. One person headed upstairs to the impromptu blood clinic in the City Council Chambers while I was there.

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