HP Badges Are In It To Win It

After the first day of the two-part battle of the badges blood drive, the little town of Highland Park has more than twice the donations of neighboring University Park. Here are several donors and town employees at Highland Park Town Hall getting some grub to recharge after giving blood.

Jack Kearney of the Park Cities Rotary Club sent me today’s numbers just after the drive closed in both UP and HP: University Park had a total of 24 donations out of 32 donor attempts (if someone has a low iron count or can’t give blood for other reasons, they get counted anyways). Highland Park, on the other hand, had 50 donations out of 60 donor attempts.

That’s quite a gap that UP will have to make up during tomorrow’s blood drive at NorthPark Center, where Carter Blood Care will have a donation station set up where people from anywhere can give blood and pick their favorite badge.

May the best badge win!

One thought on “HP Badges Are In It To Win It

  • March 27, 2010 at 10:18 am

    I can go attempt to give blood, knowing they’ll turn me down (previous serious illness) and I will still count? I can do that. I used to give blood all the time, I’m of the universal donor type and have no fear of needles. Deep down I’m realizing it bugs me they won’t take my blood anymore – nice to hear they’d “count” me if I tried.


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