One thought on “Fill in The Bubble (03/26/10)

  • March 26, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Kim Dawson was an amazing person, and a true ICON. Most people associate her with modeling (vis-a-vis her agency), and launching some of the most beautiful women onto the pages magazines.

    But, let me tell you about Kim Dawson, and what she means to me. I was a tall, skinny, gawky girl, and my mother and I went to see Kim. She and her husband George chatted with us, and she looked at my photographs. “You’re pretty, but what do you want to do?” Yes, she was successful, but it wasn’t about the money for her. It was about the person. Fast forward 20 years.

    Kim also promoted and helped film/television producers in Dallas and beyond. My husband has worked in this industry for 25 years. She tirelessly found us the right talent for our projects, and assembled a team of the most professional and savvy employees anywhere. Agents in NY or LA don’t hold a candle to Kim Dawson, and I say that without a shred of exaggeration. Her passing leaves a huge hole in the business.

    Her daughter, Kim D. Vernon, MD is my doctor, but silly me, I never made the connection until last year. Dr. Vernon was discussing the stress of caring for an aging family memeber, and I blurted out, “You just don’t understand.” She grasped my hand and said, “I do. My mother has Alzheimer’s. I understand. I really do.”

    This condition is the cruelest of deaths, and I don’t say that to diminish anyone else’s situation. Alzheimer’s is a thief, it robs the family, friends, and business associates of the person inside long before it claims the body. For anyone that worked with Kim on any level, she has left a mark of integrity, honesty, and ethic that we will strive for. Kim did so much for us. She will be missed.


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