Well, Something Involving A SWAT Team Went Down In Midway Hollow Last Night

Here’s what definitely happened last night: federal agents of some stripe seized some property from 3908 Walnut Hill Lane on the northern edge of Midway Hollow, a SWAT team van drove through the backyard fence, and shot a smoke canister of sorts through one of the windows, probably not in that order. Details are still sketchy as to why. Dallas Police officer Greg Fanucci, who heads up the neighborhood’s Extended Neighborhood Patrol, wrote an e-mail to the Midway Hollow Crime Watch Yahoo! group in the wee hours of the morning.

“I know yall’s ears and eyes are burning with the Warrant that was run up on Walnut and Elmada.  It was for a man making Government Documents (dl,s- ss#, etc).  It is a big deal, but the renter/suspect was not at the house at the time.  They confiscated items/evidence and are still trying to locate the suspect.  I cant go into it any more than that guys”

Fanucci hasn’t responded to a follow-up e-mail.

The man who answered the door at the house in question acknowledged the details about the fence, the SWAT team, the broken window, and the seized items. He said he is house sitting and didn’t know what items they took. He wouldn’t give the name of the person he is house sitting for. The owner of the property, who lives in McKinney, said she was surprised by the news but, again, would not give the name of the leasee.

More details as they become available.

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