RE: Crew Lets Reporter Row, Row, Row Their Boat

OK, I’m woefully late in reporting this, y’all, but  — right as I left town last week —  I received results from HP Crew’s latest regatta, held March 6 and 7 in Austin. Members of the mostly-HPHS club were training for the Heart of Texas Regatta when photographer Chrissy Barany and I met them for a ride-along (row-along?) the week prior on White Rock Lake, and they seem to have cleaned up in ol’ ATX.

The lineup:

Brooke Koonsman, Savannah Smith, Sarah Baldwin, Lauren Pepe, and coxswain Adriana Cervantes placed first in their division (Women’s Junior 4-Plus —  which means, in short, youth competitors in a 4-seat boat).

Sean Callahan, Sam Crofford, Austin Himes, Danny Cotes, and coxswain Trevor Drew placed second in the Mens’ Jr. Novice 4+.

Ian Watterson, Hunter Litz, John Willems, Brady Britten, Skyler Adams, Chris Storm, Walker Clark, Craig Thiebaud, and coxswain Tiffany Work placed third in the Men’s Jr. 8+ (Work, of course, being female — which doesn’t stop her from hollering instructions at a scull full of guys).

Sean Callahan, Win Salyards, Austin Himes, Sam Crofford, Daniel Jones, Danny Cortes, Andrew Hanson, Luis Estrada, and coxswain Trevor Drew placed third in the Men’s Jr. Novice 8+ .

And Lauren Pepe placed second in a solo competition, the Women’s Jr. Lightweight 1x.

One thought on “RE: Crew Lets Reporter Row, Row, Row Their Boat

  • March 16, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    It’s so funny you did this now, as my son is joining crew and has just started meeting up with them to work out. He read your article, his head nodding yes, yes, yes the whole time. There aren’t any better athlete’s in any sport around than these kids – they work hard! Just a great group of committed kids.


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