Ursuline Principal Still Recovering

In the pre-blog days, way, way back on Jan. 20, we received word from folks at Ursuline Academy that principal Elizabeth Bourgeois “was injured in a fall while playing tennis November 30” and was making a good recovery. With more than a month gone by and still no news about Ms. Bourgeois (I sent an e-mail to Ursuline but got no response), I decided to go directly to the source and stopped by her Midway Hollow home yesterday afternoon

For the record, she is doing fine. Turns out the tennis injury wasn’t a twisted ankle or scraped knee: she knocked herself unconscious, could have died if she hadn’t have gotten help so quickly. She’s doing fine now and looks great. The hair on the right side of her head, which had to be shaved, is growing back, and she expects to return to Ursuline before too long, though she doesn’t have a firm date.

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