Brain Freeze: Yet Another PH FroYo Option

With all the hubub about Pinkberry opening at Preston and Royal and elsewhere in Dallas, I figured other yogurt chains might just give up and cede the entirety of North Texas to the L.A.-based frozen phenom. But no. I was going tothe Lincoln Park Tom Thumb, right across Northwest Highway from NorthPark, and I saw it: California-based Yogurtland, to be sandwiched between Up in Smoke and the T-Mobile Store. It looks to be the third in the area, with one up in Southlake and one in Carrolton, according to the website.

They have quite the mission statement: “To bring people together for the most flavorful, natural, and fun frozen yogurt experience while promoting a healthy lifestyle.” I’m more curious about their taro flavor. Who knew a startchy Polynesian staple would make good yogurt?

The contractor at the store, which was under construction, said it should be open by the end of this month. He said the owner, one Eddie Yang, was flying in from California today to check on progress.

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